Order Pad

The Order Pad allows you to easily add items to your shopping cart if you know the exact item numbers of the products you are ordering.

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Quantity Item Number or ISBN Description Unit Price Price
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3 Easy Steps to Using the Order Pad

  1. Enter a quantity and item number for each product you wish to order. (Enter the item number with digits only—no hyphens or spaces.)
  2. Click Update Order Pad to verify the products. You can change quantities or add more products and click Update Order Pad again to update the list.
  3. Click Add Order Pad to Cart at any time to add all products currently listed on this page to your shopping cart. Once in the shopping cart, you may proceed to checkout or continue shopping within the store.

Please note: To use the Order Pad you must know the Item number of each product. Otherwise use the search or browse method within our Store.