Spark Rotation

Dive Deep into Bible Stories
Spark Rotation provides eight workshop rotation options for each Bible story. In this model, kids spend more than one week on a Bible story and visit a different workshop each week in order to experience that same story from different perspectives.

For kids in Kindergarten to Grade 6, each workshop rotation is focused on a rich Bible story or group of Bible stories about particular characters. Workshop rotations include Art, Bible Skills and Games, Computer Lab, Cooking, Creative Drama, Music, Science, and Video. Preschoolers experience an in-room rotation with Storytelling, Art, Snack, Music and Game stations.

Spark Rotation also includes an "All Kids" option, making it easy for smaller congregations or congregations who prefer a multi-age Sunday school program format. Learn more or view samples.

The resources are organized into four age groupings:
  • Preschool (in-room rotation)
  • Lower Elementary (workshop rotations)
  • Upper Elementary (workshop rotations)
  • All Kids (Kindergarten - Grades 6 workshop rotations) 
Old Testament
Old Testament
Stories of God and God’s people, from Noah to Daniel.
New Testament
New Testament
Stories of Jesus’ ministry, teachings, and miracles.
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