Augsburg Organ Library: Christmas

by Timothy Albrecht (Composer); Ronald Arnatt (Composer); Marilyn Biery (Composer); Jeanne Demessieux (Composer); Emma Lou Diemer (Composer); Marcel Dupre (Composer); Robert Buckley Farlee (Composer); John Ferguson (Composer); Stephen Gabrielsen (Composer); Andrew Gant (Composer); Wilbur Held (Composer); Richard Hudson (Composer); David N. Johnson (Composer); Edwin C. Johnson (Composer); Norman Dello Joio (Composer); Keith Kolander (Composer); David Lasky (Composer); John Leavitt (Composer); Anton Wilhelm Leupold (Composer); Mark Lochstampfor (Composer); Monte Mason (Composer); Robin Milford (Composer); Aaron David Miller (Composer); Karl Osterland (Composer); Walter L. Pelz (Composer); John David Peterson (Composer); Emily Maxson Porter (Composer); David Evan Thomas (Composer); Christopher Uehlein (Composer); Helmut Walcha (Composer); David Williams (Composer); Wayne L. Wold (Composer)

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Release Date: Sunday, July 1, 2001
Format: Paperback, 144 pages  12 x 9 inches
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress
Brand: Augsburg Organ Library
Season/Occasion: Christmas
ISBN: 9780800659356

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