Augsburg Organ Library: Lent

by Jehan Alain (Composer); Ronald Arnatt (Composer); Franklin D. Ashdown (Composer); Robert Below (Composer); James Biery (Composer); Marilyn Biery (Composer); Richard Billingham (Composer); J. Bert Carlson (Composer); G. Winston Cassler (Composer); David Cherwien (Composer); Pamela Decker (Composer); Emma Lou Diemer (Composer); Max Drischner (Composer); Robert Buckley Farlee (Composer); Timothy Flynn (Composer); Philip Gehring (Composer); Raymond Henry (Composer); Jeffrey Honore' (Composer); J. Wayne Kerr (Composer); Anton Wilhelm Leupold (Composer); Paul Manz (Composer); Gerald Near (Composer); Karl Osterland (Composer); Flor Peeters (Composer); Beverly A. Ward (Composer); Richard R. Webster (Composer); Ralph Vaughan Williams (Composer); Wayne L. Wold (Composer)

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Release Date: Monday, December 4, 2000
Format: Paperback, 128 pages  12 x 9 inches
Publisher: Augsburg Fortress
Brand: Augsburg Organ Library
Season/Occasion: Lent & Holy Week
ISBN: 9780800658977

Description Table of Contents
This volume includes music by Jehan Alain, Ronald Arnatt, Franklin D. Ashdown, Robert Below, James Biery, Marilyn Biery, Richard Billingham, J. Berr Carlson, G. Winston Cassler, David Cherwien, Pamela Decker, Emma Lou Diemer, Max Drischner, Robert Buckley Farlee, Timothy Flynn, Philip Gehring, Raymond Henry, Jeffrey Honoré, J. Wayne Kerr, Anton Wilhelm Leupold, Paul Manz, Gerald Near, Karl Osterland, Flor Peeters, Beverly A. Ward, Richard Webster, R. Vaughan Williams, and Wayne L. Wold

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