Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace, DVD


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Publisher: Fortress Press
Format: DVD
ISBN: 9780800636685
Release Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Description Reviews Sample
(June 21, 2001)

"Among the words frequently applied to Bonhoeffer are brilliant and brave, and the 90 minute PBS film easily makes the case for his heroic status."
—Associated Press

"Ulrich Tukur, who plays Bonhoeffer, is so real, so authentic, so profoundly aware of all nuances, that we meet Bonhoeffer in him. The other actors are also superb. This excellent production harkens back to the 'Golden Age' of Hollywood in that it is devoid of objectionable elements. However the emotive entertainment value is never compromised."

"Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace is a wonderful introduction to one of the most remarkable Christian martyrs of this past or any century. I hope you will watch the film, and I hope you will ask your neighbors to watch it with you."
—"Breakpoint" radio broadcast

"This is a must see!"

(June 9, 2000)

"... a fine new film, 'Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace' ... shows us a theologian in action, rethinking what it means to serve God, love others, and, especially, to tell the truth. ... There's more than enough of Bonhoeffer's courage and depth to make 'Agent of Grace' a film with real force."
— Elesha Coffman, Christian History